My Fellow Citizens of Philadelphia,

For 20 years I have endeavored to live by example and help people seek and obtain fairness relative to a myriad of legal entanglements. With each individual battle I fought, lessons were learned and successes obtained. While I remain humbled by the positive results I was able to attain, these results were for just one person at a time. Consequently, as the years went by it became apparent that my path has brought me to this precise moment – the moment when I must seek to continue my quest to bring to this world a bit more fairness and justice – not just for one but for everyone regardless of their particular economic situation. I urge you to join us at the voting polls on May 21, 2013.

I invite each and every one of you to get involved in the process of having a say on who will administer justice to you and yours. Please take a little time to connect with our campaign, review the material on this site and contact us if you appreciate the goals of our candidacy.


Stephanie M. Sawyer, Esquire
Judicial Candidate for the Court of Common Pleas